Old Salts’ Reunion

Yesterday I received a call from an old friend Bob, letting me know that he put a video of our trip on Manitou, of us on a 64′ trawler that we bare-boated on a weeks charter last year, on YouTube. We took Manitou throughout the San Juan Islands and the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada.


I met Bob in Key West, 36 years ago and invited him to participate with his boat when we took the USAF Thunderbirds out sailing after their performance there. We had five large sailboats and sailed in most of the formations  they fly in, with the Thunderbirds at the helm.  Then we sailed up to Mel Fishers full-sized Spanish Galleon that he used as a museum for the treasures that he salvaged.  Mel was a friend and he is the one that found the Nuestra de Atocha with 400 million in gold on her.

Bob was the TV news Anchor with WFLA in Tampa for about 30 years and is an accomplished videographer, having won seven Emmys for his video work (Bob’s father did the lead in for the Lone Ranger radio programs. For those of us old enough to remember it went something like, “With a fiery horse, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi Ho Silver, the Lone Ranger rides again.” Those are the exact words, but you get the idea).

This video is 14 minutes long and although it is not that exciting it has some great photography and gives one the idea of what it is like to cruise in that area. Be sure and maximize your screen and sound up!

So, what do you think?


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